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In 1994, McClain Ozone pioneered the use of ozone as a natural sanitizer in the California wine industry. This involved:

  • Developing mobile and stationary “ozone-on-demand” sanitation systems.
  • Introducing the first Mobile Ozone Sanitation Systems.
  • Developing comprehensive aqueous and gaseous sanitation protocols.
  • Developing and implementation of safety procedures.

With the approval of ozone by the USDA Organic Rule in 2000 and the FDA in 2001, McClain has utilized its innovations in ozone technology and equipment along with its extensive experience in sanitation protocols to implement ozone sanitation in many other industries (Client List available upon request).

Today with over 3500 installations worldwide, McClain:

  • Specializes in the production of ozone sanitation systems.
  • Offers a complete line of proprietary ozone technology, equipment and accessories.
  • Prides itself in the support of its client base whose ozone applications range from very large to small and cover a broad spectrum of industries.

Regardless of your ozone application, chances are we will have the equipment, protocols and knowledge you are looking for. If not, we pride ourselves in providing assistance in the utilization of ozone in new applications and developing new process protocols and standard operating procedures (SOP’s).

We appreciate you visiting our website. If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please feel free to Contact Us. We look forward to working with you on your ozone applications.


Our Mission

McClain Ozone is committed to being the industry leader in the production of natural sanitation systems using ozone. Our goals include:

  • Producing the highest quality products.
  • Providing superior client services.
  • Promoting client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • A commitment to continual innovation and improvement.

We accomplish these goals by hiring quality, self-motivated employees who work as a team to create a positive work environment.


John McClain Biography

Mr. McClain received his B.S. from Northern Michigan University and his M.S. from the University of Arizona. John has twenty eight years experience in environmental and john2sanitation management including water and waste water treatment, toxic and hazardous materials management, environmental safety. He established and directed the Environmental Protection Agency Region 9 Training Center.

As President of McClain Ozone, Mr. McClain pioneered the use of ozone in the wine, brewery, food and beverage industries and has comprehensive experience utilizing ozone in wide variety of applications (i.e. agriculture, airline, water treatment, etc.). As a consultant, Mr. McClain has extensive experience developing environmental and sanitation programs for business and industry, government, municipalities and educational institutions.

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