To the Team at McClain Ozone,

I would just like to thank you for your prompt and helpful service recently.

We have had a McClain Ozone Bugbuster at Domaine Chandon Australia for almost 7 years now, and the machine has performed faultlessly until only recently. An email sent to the McClain Ozone office was answered promptly by a phone call from John McClain, who proceeded to talk us through troubleshooting the machine.

The source of the problem was quickly identified and fixed, by phone from the other side of the world!

Thanks to your rapid and helpful response, our downtime was minimized and we were back in action within a couple of days. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Johnson
Domaine Chandon Australia

Lake Louie Brewing is a small microbrewery (3000 barrels/year). We decided to make the leap to Ozone sanitation for two reasons: to reduce labor/chemical costs, and to minimize the environmental impact. Our McClain Destroyer Plus has surpassed both qualifications. Our previous chemical CIP protocol required 20 minutes of recirculation; ozone requires less than 2 minutes. Set up/ tear down is also reduced by approximately 50%. Environmental impact is not only reduced, but all but eliminated. All of this without compromising finished product quality. We continue to implement more applications for ozone in our brewery: Keg/bottle sanitation, killing mold, floor drain maintenance, etc. The Ozone system payoff with respect to Labor and Chemical usage was nine months.

If any brewer out there is curious about McClain Ozone systems and how their brewery might benefit from ozone, Call me.

I won’t try to sell you anything, I’ll just tell you about the money to be saved.

Tom Porter
Lake Louie Brewing

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been using McClain Ozone units for about 8 years, the units have worked as they were specified with little downtime. When service is needed there staff is quick and professional. I have worked with John on other projects, his knowledge and honesty about his products has helped me out a great deal.

Gray Wanless
Domaine Chandon
Maintenance Manager

To Whom It May Concern:

It is not often that I am moved to write a memo of endorsement for a product. In the case of McClain Ozone I feel it is important to recognize not only a quality product with the McClain Ozone product line but as importantly to recognize a business owner who has honored his commitment to service after the sale.

I am the owner/operator of a custom wine bottling company. We are uniquely different in that we are mobile. All our equipment is considered to be operating under sever conditions due to the nature of the business. Equipment seldom stays in one location more than a day or two and is then loaded into a trailer to be moved to the next winery. This movement creates breakage/wear situations that would not normally be found in a “fixed base operation.” McClain Ozone is the third ozone company that I have purchased ozone equipment from. As in the case of the two previous companies I had a lengthy conversation with John and clearly defined my needs/ uses of ozone equipment, the conditions under which the equipment would be used, and what I needed from him in the event of equipment failure. I explained to John that we didn’t have the time to send the machine back for repair and that parts beyond basic repair parts (which we would stock) had to be available quickly.

John is the first vendor in a very long time who made a commitment and has honored it. We did have a electrical board failure (a faulty transistor). I had a new board the next morning. His technician then verified operation of the new board by talking us through the adjustment procedure of several electronic components via cell phone; end of problem.

Now granted, few people would do these repairs, their unit would go to a servicing dealer if needed but in our case we might be in Walla Walla, Washington today and Woodinville, Washington tomorrow. The point here is this…”John McClain honored his verbal commitment to my company and our customers we service”

By the way….the board failure has been the only failure we have had with this unit and we use the unit more in a month than most wineries will in an entire year.

If ozone is a part of your sanitation protocol or water treatment protocol I would highly recommend McClain Ozone for your consideration.

Bill Hamlin
Custom Bottling Company

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