McClain Ozone Services and Applications

Check out the type of services McClain Ozone offers! If you happen to not see the type of service you need, contact us and we might just be able to provide the service you are looking for.

Winery and Vineyard Ozone Sanitation

McClain Ozone pioneered the use of ozone in the winery and vineyard industry. In 1994 John McClain began working with wineries on ozone sanitation solutions and has continued to revolutionize the wine industry with new advancements in ozone sanitation.

Brewery Ozone Sanitation

In 1994, John McClain began working with ozone as a sanitizer and McClain Ozone leads the industry in the development of new ozone advancements and applications. McClain Ozone has worked closely with its brewery clients to document the efficacy of ozone in brewery sanitation applications.

Food and Beverage Ozone Applications

Ozone was approved by the USDA Organic Rule in 2000 and by the FDA as an additive to kill food-borne pathogens in 2001 (Final Ruling). These approvals opened the floodgates for food processors to begin utilizing ozone in their plants.

Aircraft Sanitation Systems

McClain DST Systems enable clients to make affordable changes to your aircraft sanitation operations while providing labor savings and decreased aircraft turn-around time.

Cold Water Laundry Systems

McClain Cold Water Laundry Systems enable you to achieve monetary savings, increase your capacity and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously by making affordable changes to your operational setup.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Applications

Ozone is both a powerful oxidizer and effective disinfectant which makes it a natural fit for treating drinking water (i.e. public and private, wells, etc.) and municipal/industrial wastewater.

Other Applications

McClain has worked with its clients in the use of ozone in a broad spectrum of applications. Regardless of your ozone application, chances are we will have the equipment, protocols and knowledge you are looking for.