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McClain Ozone

The Leader in Ozone Sanitation Systems

In 1995, McClain Ozone pioneered the use of ozone as a natural sanitizer in the California wine industry. This involved:

  • Developing mobile and stationary “ozone-on-demand” sanitation systems.
  • Introducing the first Mobile Ozone Sanitation Systems.
  • Developing comprehensive aqueous and gaseous sanitation protocols.
  • Developing and implementation of safety procedures.

With the approval of ozone by the USDA Organic Rule in 2000 and the FDA in 2001, McClain has utilized its innovations in ozone technology and equipment along with its extensive experience in sanitation protocols to implement ozone sanitation in many other industries (Client List available upon request).

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wineWinery and Vineyard Ozone Applications

McClain Ozone pioneered the use of ozone in the winery and vineyard industry. In 1994 John McClain began working with wineries on ozone sanitation solutions and has continued to revolutionize the wine industry with new advancements in ozone sanitation. His research, combined with others, documented the efficacy of ozone in barrels, bottling lines, tanks and many other winery and vineyard applications. McClain Ozone is the leader in the production of mobile and stationary ozone sanitation systems for the wine industry. With hundreds of winery clients around the world, McClain Ozone produces sanitation systems designed to meet the needs of any size winery (Client List available on request).

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foodFood and Beverage Ozone Applications

Ozone was approved by the USDA Organic Rule in 2000 and by the FDA as an additive to kill food-borne pathogens in 2001 (Final Ruling). These approvals opened the floodgates for food processors to begin utilizing ozone in their plants. Today, ozone technology is steadily replacing conventional sanitation techniques (i.e. halogenated chemicals, steam, hot water, etc.) and becoming a major player in the food and beverage sanitation.

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waterWater and Wastewater Ozone Applications

Ozone is both a powerful oxidizer and effective disinfectant which makes it a natural fit for treating drinking water (i.e. public and private, wells, etc.) and municipal/industrial wastewater.

In 1785, Van Marum noticed that air near his electrostatic machine acquired a characteristic odor when electric sparks were passed. In 1840, Shonbein named the substance, which gave off this odor, “ozone” from the Greek word “ozein” — to smell. In 1886 ozone was recognized as a disinfectant for water and in 1891 the first pilot plant in Germany proved ozone effective against bacteria. The first drinking water plant began operations in Nice, France, in 1906 and Nice is generally referred to as the birthplace of ozonation for drinking water treatment.

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